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We are so pleased to announce the winners of our WBC of Kentucky’s 2022 Women’s Small Business Jump Start Contest. Jessica Wright, Owner/CEO, Wright Workforce Solutions LLC, is our WINNER.  Stacey McDonald, Owner/Founder, McDonald Ministries Limited Liability Company, is our RUNNER UP.

Jessica Wright

Jessica’s business is located in Florence, KY. Wright Workforce Solutions LLC is a Human Resources consulting company specializing in providing human resources services to small businesses. Their mission is to provide affordable human resources services to small and mid-size companies that would not otherwise be able to access these services. Wright Workforce Solutions’ ideal clients or target market are those businesses with 40 or less employees and who have been in business less than 8 years. More information about Wright Workforce Solutions LLC and the work Jessica does can be found on her website:  

Empowering dreams
Strong women, strong coffee

Stacey McDonald

Stacey’s business is located in Lexington, KY. She is an advocate for mental and spiritual health. Her business, McDonald Ministries, focuses on the importance of good mental health – especially within the African American community. As an author, school psychologist, evangelist, and motivational speaker, Stacey’s mission is to be an agent of mental health awareness while blotting out the stigma of mental illness. Her target market and ideal client is “the African American population where the stigma of mental health awareness stubbornly remains.” More information about McDonald Ministries and the work Stacey does can be found on her website:

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Strong women, strong coffee
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